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Kings Club is proudly owned and operated by Deague Group.

Situated amongst Melbourne’s largest metropolitan business park and Deague Group flagship asset, Kings Business Park, King Club is a unique and exciting addition. Following an initial investment of $2 million, Kings Club will continue to expand throughout the business park, with several areas earmarked for expansion and planning underway.

Kings Club has been borne out of the desire for hybrid and flexible working solutions, which has been ever increasing in the wake of COVID-19. The dynamic and fully equipped Kings Club will set the tone for the new era of office spaces. Kings Club is a subsidiary of APSO, Melbourne’s first serviced office provider.


who we are.

Kings Club is founded and managed by the Deague Group.

Veterans in the coworking and commercial real estate industry, with a 163-year track record of success and innovation. The Deagues are also the proud developers of the Art Series Hotels and dozens of commercial office and residential developments across Australia.

Kings Club marks the Groups second coworking venture; joining established brands APSO, Central House and the Art Series Hotel Group, which have a national footprint comprising 18 sites with a 25-year history of creating flexible and high-end working spaces. Kings Club brings together the Groups experience and expertise in commercial real estate and high-end hospitality.

our values.

the financial sense.

In comparison to a traditional office, you can expect to save 66% in your first year of business and 30% in each consecutive year. We provide all the amenities you need with no administrative hassles, so you can enjoy all our services and benefits with no hidden costs.

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our business services manager.

Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila

Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila, oversees the operation of Kings Club, ensuring our members receive a premium end-to-end experience. Kaitlyn’s focus will be cultivating connections and collaboration to drive the Kings Club community movement.

Kaitlyn will be the main point of contact for any queries regarding your membership, curation of events or general queries in relation to the running of the private offices, on-site services, or facilities.

Phone: 03 9863 9799